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Bartender of Wilton Manors, Florida

Artist of SmogHobbit.com

As you are aware, the nation has taken action and imposed sanctions to combat the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  I once was one of those carefree individuals who thought they were unstoppable. and that it was like any virus.  Given my background in engineering in enzyme facilities, I figured it was a case of being self aware - just wash your hands, clean your own personal equipment and contaminated areas and take extra care of those around you.  Unfortunately, the severity of the disease has really gotten close to home.  I'm fully behind all the safety precautions imposed by the state and the government.

Unfortunately. this has left me without a job.  I am a bartender at Georgie's Alibi in Wilton Manors, Florida, and as per order of the government, bartending and social gathering was ordered to stop on Wednesday March 28th 2020 for at least 30 days.  With developments coming to light about how the virus spreads, the severity to particular populations, and the threat of reinfection, we could be looking at a closure of longer than 30 days.

This leaves a lot of us in the industry without pay.  And with the government's stance on how workers get their latest bail out as of March 20th 2020, a lot of bartenders may not receive any relief whatsoever. Bartenders on Wilton Drive work for around the $5/hour mark and, with or without tips, will not come close to the threshold imposed by the government to receive relief. 

So I'm willing to do some drawings for donations .  I've been drawing for a few years now and began trying to mimic Tom Of Finland's style, but ended up developing my own style of drawing.  You will find some examples below.

1. Tap the donate button below the examples and donate the amount you desire.

2. If you would like a drawing or commission done by me, follow Step 2 and fill out the form

(please ensure you write the email address of the account you donated from).

3. After tapping confirm, I will set a time frame for when the drawing and will request any additional

details for the drawing if required.

NOTE: you don't have to request a drawing if you don't want to.

I will happily accept any donation and will list each one the website (with approval)

I will use this money to pay my personal bills, and any extra donations will go to a fund for my amazing work colleagues at Georgie's Alibi, Wilton Manors.


Examples of my work

Please scroll from left to right to see some examples.

If you're interested in a drawing or just making a donation, please click the Donate button below.

I am not setting a price per commission - any help during these uncertain times I will be grateful for.


Step 1: Donation


Step 2: Drawing Request

If you would like a drawing, please first write the email address of the account you donated from (so I know who it is from), then write as much detail as you can about what you want in the drawing.  

If you need to add attachments, please wait until you get my email response.  You can send any attachments back to me once you get that.


Finally, add a contact email address if it's different from the email address you donated from, so I can get back to you.

Please fill out the following form if you would like a personalized drawing

Thank you for helping during this difficult time. Please check your inbox soon for my response!


COVID-19 Isolation Commissions

Thank you to all that donated! I am humbled to receive kindness like this in such a difficult time.  Below are the commissions that I sketched from each donation.