Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  My guess is that you've navigated here to pursue your muscle building goals.  Well, I can tell you that you've made the right decision accessing this page.  I officially qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer/Instructor in 2014 and have been training clients ever since.  You can have extra confidence that you will get the body you've dreamed of with my 14 years of bodybuilding experience.  Being a former gas and oil engineer that endure 12 to 14-hour work shifts in both night and day, I know how to work with a client's lifestyle however hectic or time restricted.




If you find yourself locally in Wilton Manors FL, then why not book a training session?  Face to face personal training is literally the most personal and engaging way to ensure you're getting the best in your workouts and bringing you closer to the lifestyle and body you've always wanted. 


Online coaching who want life changing results, but presented in a way that they can work with around their lifestyle whilst having the encouragement, knowledge and monitoring of a experienced personal trainer remotely.  If you're not able to train with me in the Wilton Manors FL area, then this is a close second place to building your dream body.


There are many diets that declare that they can have you gaining huge amounts of muscle and shedding fat within days.  However, these diets do not take your stats into consideration and will likely fail.  My nutrition coaching service takes an in depth look at how your body works and implements a nutrition scheme that will have you building mass in the areas that you want


Coming soon!



Ben Burns


Lee helped clean up my diet and made adjustments to my workout regime that have intensified my workouts to another level.  His enthusiasm within the gym enviroment is addictive and I couldn't recommend him more.

Steve Powel


After hitting a plateau with my gains and motivation, I attended the Mass Class with the aim of challenging myself and moving my training up a gear. The class was outstanding in terms of learning new techniques and driving my intensity up. Lee is a fantastic trainer.


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